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6. Streamlining and Enforcing Business License Applications and Renewals.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Streamlining and Enforcing Business License Applications and Renewals

  • A central office (like the Better Business Center) can assist operators in submitting their license renewals for operating a business. There are many obstacles in obtaining clear information as well as inconsistencies in what is needed to operate. There are instances of departments withholding the issuance of licenses only to come back later to impose fines on delays with regard to not having a valid operating license.

  • Business licenses, Environment approvals, Coastal Conservation approvals, Excise License renewals, COC permits, Noise Permits, etc. are often done haphazardly. Putting these renewal systems online, or having one office to deal with the operators and the various other ministries would make it much easier for each operator to have the proper approvals, be registered, pay their taxes, etc.

  • Businesses that come for seasonal operations should be required to get these licenses to avoid local conflict and competition.

Utilizing Sri Lanka’s large IT Infrastructure to Develop a Renewal System

  • Sri Lanka tourism will be affected severely for the next 12-24 months and during this time it will pay dividends to invest in technology that will make it easier for operators, investors and developers to do business.

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