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5. Ensuring Utilities and Trash Collection.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Water, power and trash collection are three large areas of inconsistency. Very often hotels are forced to undergo additional expenses to privately provide electricity, water and trash removal.

Timely Trash Collection

  • Private trash removal is a burdensome enterprise with no proper rules for disbursement of trash. Some private collectors will dump trash in the jungle and not take them to landfills. A properly funded municipal system can help reduce trash from the streets as well as ensure it goes to the right places.

  • Having public trash cans placed along the streets and the beaches with an effective collection system. Too often street garbage creates a problem that smells during the heat of the day and attracts rodents and large amounts of wild dogs.

  • Give municipal workers adequate pay so they don’t feel it necessary to collect donations from hotels and restaurants just to do their jobs. Or encourage a donation (at a set price) from all hotels and restaurants during the season that goes directly toward compensation for these workers. Any establishment that pays the donation gets a sticker that they can place in front of their properties signifying their contribution.

Increase Supply of Water and Power During Peak Seasons

  • Peak season times are met with frequent power cuts and water cuts. These busy periods of demand are the same year over year and therefore possible to plan against. Providing additional power and water resources during these peak times will help operators reduce cost by having to resort to alternative power sources.

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