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10. Educational Opportunities for Eco tourism and Development in Tourist Zones.

Develop Incentive Programs for Environment Protection, Farming, Recycling and Conservation

  • There are a growing number of businesses and organizations working in conservation, recycling and eco tourism.

  • This needs to be supported more in order to encourage green tourism. Sustainability is a growing trend and many travelers want to support environment friendly initiatives. Partnering with some of the groups and creating mindfulness campaigns on environment protection, farming and self sustenance, recycling and upcycling, wildlife conservation can be a benefit offered to schools as well as corporate offices as retreats.

Educate Children in Tourist Areas on Gender Equality and Harassment

  • The unspoken failure of tourism is that local area residents of popular tourist areas are poor and subsistence demographics. Fishermen, farmers, etc. are the general social fabric around which tourist hotspots develop in Sri Lanka.

  • The local population neither directly gets most of the benefit and often have to live with the fallout of their environments becoming polluted, increased traffic and congestion, rising land prices and exploitative business practices.

  • Attitudes toward treatment of women is a major area that needs to be addressed. Not only a foregin women made to feel unsafe, local women are also subjected to abuse that is ignored.

  • Oftentimes children grow in toxic environments that neglect these issues. Many of the recent cases of rape have been perpetrated by youths and young adults. This is a sickness and attitude that needs to be addressed from the primary education levels on upward.

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