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The Project

Our best chance to sustain the travel industry is to promote local tourism

Why we need to act now


The travel industry in Sri Lanka has been doubly affected by COVID 19 and the lingering effects of the Easter Bombings of 2019.

Acting now to promote local tourism will help many small to medium (SME) businesses sustain themselves until we see a recovery in 2020 or beyond.

Sustaining local SME businesses also means sustaining all the employees and their families.

Keeping people employed and businesses open will give Sri Lanka a stronger chance to bounce back from this disaster.

These goals will effective in sustaining and developing tourist areas all over the island.


Clear Information and Guidelines from Tourist Board in a Post Covid19 Enviroment

Clear and Consistent Information Given to Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Operators

Clear and Consistent Information Given to Travellers


Alleviate Immediate Financial Burden for Tourism Businesses

Provide a Debt Moratorium for 2 Years

Grant Reductions in Utility Payments

Subsidize Fuel for Transport for Tourism and Alternative Energy Sources

Reallocate Fee Payments back to Employers and Employees for the Near Term


Promote Local Tourism during Covid 19

Reallocate a small portion of the SLTDA global advertising spend for local advertising, promoting different parts of the island  when they are in season

Provide Safe Transport Options and Incentives to Travel


Ensuring Safety for Women, Tourists, Expats and Business Owners

Harassment of Women

Crimes Against Investors and Business Operators

Crimes Against Tourists and Resident Expats


Ensuring Utilities and Trash Collection

Timely Trash Collection

Increase Supply of Water and Power During Peak Seasons


Streamlining and Enforcing Business License Applications and Renewals

Streamlining and Enforcing Business License Applications and Renewals

Utilizing Sri Lanka’s large IT Infrastructure to Develop a Renewal System


Creating Short Term Environmental Protections and Incentives

Protecting Wildlife and Heritage Sites

Encourage Public and Private Trash Collection

Reward Green Operators

Create a Humane Way to Deal with Strays


Setting up SL Tourism Centers for Consumer Affairs and Better Business

The Tourist Information & Safety Centre is aimed at travellers and tourists who need information and support


The Better Business Centre is to assist in verifying trusted businesses and protect operators and investors


Long Term Environmental Protection

Create More Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites

Create A Municipal Green Tax

Long Term Incentives for Green Operators

Educate Children in Tourist Areas on Sustainability and Conservation


Educational Opportunities for Eco tourism and Development in Tourist Zones

Develop Incentive Programs for Environment Protection, Farming, Recycling and Conservation


Educate Children in Tourist Areas on Gender Equality and Harassment

​Target audience

  • Locals who would normally be traveling abroad for summer holidays. Since the South Coast will be under monsoon, the East and North West coasts are ideal for a beach holiday.

  • Resident expats Resident expats that are drawn to a coastal lifestyle. Large numbers reside in the South and West but few travel East or North.

  • Embassy workers who would normally return home will have large groups who would travel together.

  • Corporate retreats for the blue chips as well as SME sector.

  • Colombo, Galle/Matara area, Kandy and Jaffna residents are major urban centers that will be seeing sustained rain during May through September. The East and North West will offer pristine beaches that are in season.

  • Wildlife enthusiasts that can visit national parks across the island the throughout most of the year.

  • Eco-travelers that support sustainable businesses and practices. There are many local organizations that are working on wildlife conservation, recycling, farm to table concepts that will attract the green crowd. 

  • University trips and summer camps for those working on agriculture, sustainability, development, arts, etc.

  • Professional associations would also find this appealing as work retreats, art retreats, creativity camps, etc. Additional security can be provided by the tri-forces since this would be a sensitive area. Local women volunteers and teachers can be trained as aides in these activities. 

  • Dream Home visa holders. This group of retiree expats has found themselves without a place of welcome since Covid 19. This cohort wishes to come to a tropical climate and can be attracted to the wildlife, beaches and the developing lifestyle businesses of Sri Lanka. They will also be a permanent resident population that can help to balance the lack of tourists in the off season. 

Tell us who you are and we will add you as an ally.

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